Monday, January 30, 2012


Life has been kind of quiet/hectic lately, hence the lack of posting. Hectic because I've been busy almost every. single. day. But quiet because it's not really the most exciting business, My mom stayed at my house for a couple nights while she helped out my sister during the day. We had some fun and she treated me to Sodajerks :)

I love this stuff, it tastes just like those Coca-cola candies :)
I also got to visit my niece!  I had a Saturday afternoon cuddle with her.



That last one was actually taken by my sister earlier this week...but it was too cute not to include ;) Plus, she slept the whole time I held her and I wanted to show off those big blue eyes :D

My former roommate also came over Saturday night for a Harry Potter movie night. I made dinner and we took it downstairs to eat, but decided to be civilized & eat at a table.

My brother's table is usually tucked in the corner of the basement, but we dragged it into the middle for our meal. It felt kind of funny, but it did the trick :) Plus, we didn't get super messy from trying to balance plates on our laps.

And yesterday I took a lovely walk to the river valley. On the way back I heard something behind me and when I looked around thought I saw an off-leash dog. And no owner. Yeah, it was a coyote. I started walking a bit faster and was grateful to see some people walking my direction :)

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  1. I like how you pulled the table over to eat your dinner...looks classy. And I need to come back so we could have a day together! A coyote in the city, hmmm....don't think I have ever been followed by one in the country.